The Blacksmith Restaurant has made the decision to temporarily close during this time. The health and safety of our Patrons, Community and Employees is our top priority. We will take this time to ensure we do our part with keeping everyone as safe as possible. During this time of need the health and safety of our community, patrons and staff is greater than the dollar. A special thank you to all the loyal patrons that make our business so special. The Blacksmith family will be paid in Full during this time of closure. The Blacksmith family is stronger than ever. As the nation takes this time reflect and heal from the COVID-19 VIRUS our prayers go out to everyone and every business affected. We will forge again!

The History

What does a centuries-old art have to do with Downtown Jackson? The Blacksmith Restaurant's building started as a Livery and Blacksmith Shop circa 1840. For the next 90 years, residents and travelers alike stopped here to have their carriages repaired and their horses cared for. In 1928, Haynes Fish Market was opened by Hurbert and Daisy Haynes, and after their retirement, by their son Robert. The Haynes family finally sold the building in the late 1990’s, and it has been a variety of establishments since. We hope to bring back some of the building’s original nostalgia and purpose. Let us serve you, as generations before us have served Jackson.

A Dining Experience Like No Other

The Blacksmith provides patrons a place to stop in for a quality drink or a meal, as well as a familiar place to meet with friends and family while mending the daily issues life delivers. A place to not only forge new friendships, but strengthen those already in place and quench the fires of daily life. The Blacksmith strives to be Jackson’s premier place for quality food in a friendly atmosphere.

For any Blacksmith, the Forge is one of the most important elements in the creation process. A central workplace with quality tools and materials, it allows the craftsman to shape simple ingredients into a masterpiece. The Blacksmith is no different. Within these walls, we are able to craft a dining experience like no other. The Forge is where our Smithies transform high-quality ingredients into works of culinary art commissioned by our customers. Every order is custom-made, unique, and provides our culinary artists an opportunity to impress… and impress we shall.

The Quench

During the forging process, the materials used by the Blacksmith must be rapidly cooled after heating in order to provide strength. This is done by soaking the material in a cool liquid and is known as the Quench. After the Quench, the fortified workpiece returns to the forge ready to continue the transformation into a work of art. At The Blacksmith, The Quench provides a place to cool down when things get too hot. When strength of character needs reinforcement, we assist with an array of cool liquids and an inviting atmosphere. When you’re done, return to life’s forge ready for the next transformation.

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